THE LIGHT ALTERNATIVE: Engineering Thermosets vs. Metals

Sustainability Matters: 3 Ways to recycle Engineering Thermosets

THE TOUGH ALTERNATIVE: Engineering Thermosets vs. Engineering Thermoplastics

A Matter of Choice: 4 Steps to Select Material and Grade

How Bakelite® Molding Compounds meet the needs of demanding applications

Shaping the Perfect Part: Mold Design Recommendations

Finding The Right Process: Molding Process Selection

Working Out The Details: Process Parameters

Make Every Part Count: Part Design Recommendations

Best Practices: Design Guide for Part, Tool & Process Design

Secondary Operations: Deflashing, Machining, Decorating

When Everything Comes Together: Assembly

Making the Most of the Material: Critical Design Elements for Parts, Tools & Processing

Sustainable Bakelite® Resins for Insulation Foams and Molding Compounds

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