This is what they experienced in their own words: “We really enjoyed our stay at K 2019. We especially remembered the scale of the event. During our time at the fair, distributing advertising material for “Bakelite Summit” was one of our tasks. During the whole time, all visitors reacted with curiosity and interest. The large number of raw material manufacturers as well as companies active in plastics processing showed us how versatile the industry is, so that we feel strengthened in our choice of career.”

With Bakelite® Summit, Hexion provides in-depth looks into technical details like properties and processing of Bakelite® molding compounds, shares applications and projects and informs you about events, webinars, workshops and tradeshows. In short: Bakelite® Summit opens a dialog about everything that is possible with an engineering material that is more topical than ever and whose scope of application and innovation has been ever expanding for over 100 years. From everyday items to high-performance under-the-hood parts, Bakelite® thermosets are used in a wide range of applications. Bakelite® is often called the material of a thousand possibilities for a reason. Compared to other engineering materials it is equivalent, if not superior in processing, applicability and profitability.